See our exciting, large-scale public art collection.

From mural and sculptures, light and poetry, the artworks celebrate the beauty of nature and people coming together in our wonderful local community, creating a Garden of Connections.

Come down to Village Green with your family and friends to see in person, or here online, to discover the art of these talented artists.

Louise Monday “Blackout Poetry”

Upon entering via Kent Street, Monday’s artwork can be seen in the form of large neon words, a light installation. The work encourages viewers to foster connection with the now, reflect upon our interdependent relationships and experience moments.

Jarni McGuire “Gnamma”

McGuire’s inspiration for her sculpture is the symbol for waterholes Gnamma, representing a synergy between the past, present and future of this place, where many people and cultures meet, for resources and to be with their local community.

Kyle Hughes-Odgers “Happy Tree”

Inspired by the site’s location, an inherent opportunity to extend Karawara’s green corridor, Hughes-Odgers researched nearby natural environments, finding inspiration in flora (Golden Wattle) and fauna (Willie-Wagtail).